The Green Lantern Movie Ring is the perfect addition to your Green Lantern Costume.  Even if you want to wear it without a cosutme, the choice is yours.  Whether you’re a fan of the latest Hal Jordan/Ryan Reynolds movie, or if you are a comic book lover (or both) you can find the best ring for your needs.


Green Lantern Movie Exclusive DieCast Power Ring Keychain Included!

Green Lantern Ring Diecast From Movie Comic

This is a sweet power ring!  The metal band is highly detailed and is somewhat larger than most of the toy rings sized for children and costumes.

The “jewel” in the middle is an authentic looking plastic.  Reviews give this ring a 4 out of 5 stars and most buyers are very happy it’s so big and durable!  These are almost gone so get yours quick!


Another ring option is a replica of the Green Lantern Corps Honor Guard:

Green Lantern Honor Guard Ring Prop Replica

Green Lantern Ring: Replica Of Green Lantern Honor Guard

This ring set recreates the Green Lantern Corp Honor Guard’s Power Ring.  It comes in an attractive green box with logo.  The ring itself is size 11, diecast in a shiny silver metal with a green faux jewel inlay. The band has decorative styling cut directly into the metal.

They say the ring isn’t meant to be worn, but I know you’ll try it on anyway.  Go for it!  Click the link or the picture to be directed toward more information and pricing

Don’t see the ring you’re looking for? Check out the links to the right that describe and review a bunch more Green Lantern Rings for you to purchase, whether it’s for Halloween, a costume, or you’re just a huge fan!

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If you need some inspiration for your green lantern movie ring purchase, may I suggest memorizing the Green Lantern Oath on the video below so you can wow your friends: