The Blackest Night Green Lantern Ring is authentic and officially licensed from DC Comics.  Whether it’s Hal Jordan or any of the other Green Lanterns Corps Emerald Knights, their power is derived from the interstellar Green Lantern.  The Green Lantern ring is powered up by the Lantern itself and allows the wearer to use the Green Lantern’s power for a time – somewhat like a powered up battery that gets drained with use.

You can now have your own version of the Green Lantern Power Ring!


Blackest Night Green Lantern Ring Authentic DC ComicsAction Figure Accessories)

Blackest Night Green Lantern Power Ring, Movie and ComicThis Power Ring represents the Green Lantern from the Blackest Night vs. Brightest Day series of the comic books.

The ring is adjustable and fits most fingers well.  It is authentic to the series and retains styling reminiscent of the comic book.

Perfect for Cosplay, Halloween, or just hanging out and defeating bad guys!  Select the link to buy and see more info!



This ring can also be bought as part of an entire green lantern power ring set.


This funny review from amazon explains it all!

…My wife bought this ring for me to add to my Green Lantern costume for Halloween. It arrived on time, fit well, and was exactly what I was looking for.

Be aware, however, that this ring is shipped in the UNCHARGED state, probably for safety reasons. To date I have found no means of charging it, as Amazon does not appear to sell a fully-functional Green Lantern battery linked to the Central battery on Oa. So, just be aware that you will NOT be able to fly, shoot energy beams, create force fields or communicate with the Guardians of the Universe with this ring. If you find a way to do these things, please contact me immediately.

(All kidding aside, I was very pleased with this ring, and if you are a GL fan, you will be too.)…


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This buyer video gives you the full look of the green lantern ring in real time:

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